Málaga: A Magical City and a Special Place to Explore !!!

Málaga: A Magical City and a Special Place to Explore !!!

Málaga is the 6th largest City in Spain and the 2nd biggest in Andalucía with many very special attractions, diverse cultural influences, great tapas bars and restaurants that make this great city a special and charming place to visit for both locals and tourists. Málaga is located on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain and has a famous Mediterranean Port which is the 5th biggest in Spain. The City is well connected with the rest of the world with just over 19m passengers travelling to and from Malaga (2019) due to its ever-expanding International Airport. Another main reason that millions of people like to visit Malaga is because it has one of the best climates in the World having on average 300+ days of sunshine! Malaga is also home to past and present global icons like artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso and actor Antonio Banderas. 


Calle Larios: 


Calle Larios is the most impressive and popular street in Málaga City and is the 11thmost expensive street to live in Spain. The reason for this is due to its positioning in the city with Plaza de la Constitución north from the street aswell as the Botanic park and fabulous Port ¨Muelle 1¨ to the south of the street. Calle Larios is also very popular for its large selection of fine shops, unique architecture and great restaurants close by.  For More Info: http://www.malagaturismo.com/en


Picasso Museum: 


Pablo Ruiz Picasso Museum is located between the Plaza de la Merced and the Alcazaba Cathedral in Malaga City. This historic museum holds approx. 80 years of artwork from the globally recognised artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso and is available to be seen by the public from 10:00-18:00 Monday to Sunday. For More Info: https://www.museopicassomalaga.org


Teatro Cervantes: 


Teatro Cervantes is the most traditional and popular theatre in Malaga, inaugurated in 1987 by Reina Sofia who was the Queen of Spain from 1975-2014. Teatro Cervantes has a capacity of approx. 1000 people and hosts many special events throughout the year which gives the public a wide range of entertainment options depending on individual taste such as Opera, Jazz, Theatre and Dance – a definite must visit! For More Info: https://www.teatrocervantes.com/