(English) Ascari Race Resort – Ronda:

(English) Ascari Race Resort – Ronda:

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Ascari Race Resort is an exclusive private racing track that was founded by Klass Zwart from Holland who was a racing driver and also owned small British car manufacturer Ascari Cars Ltd. This one of a kind racing resort opened its doors in 2002 and is the perfect place for passionate motor enthusiasts to enjoy exploring the full potential of their own personal Supercars or by driving Ascari owned performance cars on 3 different racetracks.

Ascari is located just past the Andalucían, historic town of Ronda and has a total of 4.5km of racetrack, surrounded by peaceful nature for everyone to enjoy. Ascari is mainly an exclusive members club but also offers daily packages so that the general public can also enjoy an amazing once in a life time experience, which includes a personal instructor, an option of numerous performance cars to drive such as Radical SR3, a Lola F-3 car, BMW M5 and even an F-1 car! Racing gear is provided and there is gourmet catering for up to 2 people. In addition to offering this unique driving experience Ascari Race Resort also has other facilities such as luxury hotel, health spa and a driving range.

General Public Price packages:

HALF-DAY EXPERIENCE – 5 laps Group A + 5 laps Group B + 5 laps Group C – 81.75 kms · 1,500 €

EXPERIENCE DAY – 10 laps Group A + 10 laps Group B + 10 laps Group C – 163.5 kms · 2,800 €

ADVANCED EXPERIENCE DAY – 10 laps Group A + 10 laps Group B + 15 laps Group C + 15 laps Group D-  272.5 kms · 5,400 €

For more information click this link: https://ascari.net/en/