Tarifa: A Surfers Paradise

Tarifa: A Surfers Paradise

Tarifa is the most popular destination for Kite & Wind Surfers in Europe and is located in the Southern Andalucían province of Cadiz aprox 100km West of Marbella. It is also near straits of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean cross paths, which is also one of the reasons Tarifa has wind all year round. One of the greatest things about Tarifa is that it is not just for surfers, there is aprox 20km of amazing white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water to enjoy having a relaxed day at the beach as well as the possibility to explore the charming Old town of Tarifa that has lots of small cobbled streets with trendy shops and nice restaurants.

Tarifa Old Town:

Tarifa is an old medieval fishing town that has maintained many of its historical buildings that represent the Moorish period of the town. Tarifa was given its name after Caliphate military commander Tarif Bin Malik conquered the area in the year 710. Eventually in 1340 Alfonso XI managed to recover Tarifa to be back under Spanish rule. Due to the kite surfing and windsurfing influence in the Town there is a more youthful feel to Tarifa over the last 20 years making it a very trendy place for all age groups and at night the surfers paradise transforms into a buzzing town with funky restaurants and bars for everyone to enjoy.

ValdeVaqueros Restaurant:

A very popular place to eat in Tarifa is ValdeVaqueros restaurant that is based aprox 6km West of Tarifa right on the beachfront and there is a wide selection of different international dishes to choose from as well as a really nice chill out area. ValdeVaqueros is where you will find the main hub for kite & wind surfers with the possibility to book lessons and also buy or rent surfing equipment. There are also many nice hotels to stay at in this area such as the popular 100% Fun Hotel, Dos Mares Hotel, Tres Mares Hotel and the Hurricane Hotel. Tarifa is definitely a unique and special place that we warmly recommend that you visit.